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Greatest Classical Choral Works
Classical Choral Works
Criteria: - Classical Choral Works are ranked for their innovation and influence, as well as their aesthetic importance, historical significance and lasting popularity.

Music Store Edited By: Guy/Brian
Last Updated: 12-22-08

 1. Mass in B minor – Johann Sebastian Bach

 2. St. Matthew Passion – Johann Sebastian Bach

 3. Messiah – Georg Friedrich Handel

 4. Missa Solemnis – Ludwig von Beethoven

 5. Requiem Mass – Giuseppe Verdi

 6. Requiem – Gabriel Faure

 7. Requiem – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

 8. Missa Papae Marcelli – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

 9. German Requiem – Johannes Brahms

10. The Creation – Franz Joseph Haydn

11. Vespro della Beata Vergine (Vespers of 1610) – Claudio Monteverdi

12. Requiem Grande Messe des Morts – Hector Berlioz

13. War Requiem – Benjamin Britten

14. Carmina Burana – Carl Orff

15. Glagolitic Mass – Leos Janacek

16. Cantata No. 140, Wachet Auf – Johann Sebastian Bach

17. Missa Pange Lingua – Josquin des Prez

18. Belshazzar's Feast – William Walton

19. Symphony of Psalms – Igor Stravinsky

20. The Dream of Gerontius – Edward Elgar

21. Elijah – Felix Mendelssohn

22. Mass No. 11 in D minor "Nelson" – Franz Joseph Haydn

23. Ave Verum Corpus – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

24. Mass for 5 Voices – William Byrd

25. Mass for 4 Voices – William Byrd

26. Les Noces – Igor Stravinsky

27. Miserere – Gregorio Allegri

28. Magnificat in D major – Johann Sebastian Bach

29. Alto Rhapsody – Johannes Brahms

30. St. John Passion – Johann Sebastian Bach

31. Gloria, RV 589 – Antonio Vivaldi

32. Requiem – Maurice Durufle

33. Zadok the Priest – Georg Friedrich Handel

34. A Child of Our Time – Michael Tippett

35. Mass in C minor "Great" – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

36. Psalmus Hungaricus – Zoltan Kodaly

37. Le Roi David – Arthur Honegger

38. Cantata No. 147, Herz und Mund – Johann Sebastian Bach

39. Ode for St. Cecelia's Day – Henry Purcell

40. Solomon – Georg Friedrich Handel

41. Spem in Alium – Thomas Tallis

42. Messe de Notre Dame – Guillaume de Machaut

43. Israel in Egypt – Georg Friedrich Handel

44. Stabat Mater – Antonin Dvorak

45. Cantata No. 80, Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott – Johann Sebastian Bach

46. A Ceremony of Carols – Benjamin Britten

47. Lamentations of Jeremiah – Thomas Tallis

48. Te Deum – Anton Bruckner

49. Exsultate, Jubilate – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

50. Mass No. 9 in C major, in tempore belli "Paukenmesse" – Franz Joseph Haydn

51. Stabat Mater – Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

52. Gloria – Francis Poulenc

53. The Seasons – Franz Joseph Haydn

54. L'Enfance du Christ – Hector Berlioz

55. St. Cecilia Mass – Charles Gounod

56. Cantata No. 4, Christ Lag in Todesbanden – Johann Sebastian Bach

57. Mass – Igor Stravinsky

58. Mass in C major "Coronation" – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

59. Chichester Psalms – Leonard Bernstein

60. Sea Drift – Frederick Delius

61. La Damnation de Faust – Hector Berlioz

62. Sea Symphony – Ralph Vaughan Williams

63. The Bells – Sergei Rachmaninoff

64. Christmas Oratorio – Johann Sebastian Bach

65. Stabat Mater – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

66. Christmas Oratorio – Heinrich Schutz

67. Missa se la face ay pale – Guillaume Dufay

68. Te Deum – Hector Berlioz

69. Missa Brevis – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

70. Cantata No. 208, Was mir behagt – Johann Sebastian Bach

71. Requiem "Officium defunctorum" – Tomas Luis de Victoria

72. Vespers – Sergei Rachmaninoff

73. Judas Maccabeus – Georg Friedrich Handel

74. Mass No. 5 in A flat – Franz Schubert

75. Schicksalslied – Johannes Brahms

76. Mass No. 14 in B flat "Harmoniemesse" – Franz Joseph Haydn

77. Ave Maria gratia plena – Josquin Des Prez

78. Sederunt principes – Pérotin

79. Stabat Mater – Gioacchino Rossini

80. Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae – Jan Zelenka

81. Missa l'homme armé – Josquin Des Prez

82. Cantata No. 202, Weichet nur, Betruebte Scatten "Wedding" – Johann Sebastian Bach

83. Vesperae Solennes de Confessore – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

84. Missa Brevis – Zoltán Kodály

85. L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, ed Il Moderato – Georg Friedrich Handel

86. St. Luke Passion – Krzysztof Penderecki

87. Mass No. 2 in G major – Franz Schubert

88. Serenade to Music – Ralph Vaughan Williams

89. Cantata No. 82, Ich habe genug – Johann Sebastian Bach

90. O magnum mysterium – Tomas Luis de Victoria

91. Sancta Civitas – Ralph Vaughan Williams

92. Canticum Sacrum – Igor Stravinsky

93. Seven Penitential Psalms of David – Orlando di Lassus

94. Mass No. 2 in E minor – Anton Bruckner

95. Cantata Profana – Béla Bartók

96. Stabat Mater – Franz Joseph Haydn

97. Ave Maria – Franz Schubert

98. Mass in G minor – Ralph Vaughan Williams

99. Requiem Mass No. 1 in C minor – Luigi Cherubini

100. Christus – Franz Liszt


  1. Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. Georg Friedrich Handel
  4. Franz Joseph Haydn
  5. Igor Stravinsky
  6. Hector Berlioz
  7. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  8. Johannes Brahms
  9. William Byrd
10. Benjamin Britten
11. Felix Mendelssohn
12. Ralph Vaughan Williams
13. Thomas Tallis
14. Ludwig von Beethoven
15. Sergei Rachmaninoff

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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