Great Oscar-Less Film Performances

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Criteria: Great film acting performances that did not win an Oscar, but should not be overlooked.

(Actor - "Part/Character" - Film Name)

Last Updated: 2023-05-02
Great Oscar-Less Film Performances

 ♦  Charles Boyer as "Gregory Anton / Sergius Bauer" in Gaslight
 ♦  Barbara Stanwyck as "Phyllis Dietrichson" in Double Indemnity
 ♦  Bette Davis as "Fanny Trellis Skeffington" in Mr. Skeffington
 ♦  Claudette Colbert as "Mrs Anne Hilton" in Since You Went Away
 ♦  Cary Grant as "Ernie Mott" in None but the Lonely Heart

 ♦  Bing Crosby as "Father Chuck O'Malley" in The Bells of St. Mary's
 ♦  Gregory Peck as "Father Francis Chisholm" in The Keys of the Kingdom
 ♦  Greer Garson as "Mary Rafferty" in The Valley of Decision

 ♦  James Stewart as "George Bailey" in It's a Wonderful Life
 ♦  Larry Parks as "Al Jolson" in The Jolson Story
 ♦  Celia Johnson as "Laura Jesson" in Brief Encounter

 ♦  Deborah Kerr as "Sister Clodagh" in Black Narcissus
 ♦  Robert Young as "Finlay" in Crossfire
 ♦  Charles Chaplin as "Henry Verdoux / Varney / Bonheur / Floray / Narrator" in Monsieur Verdoux
 ♦  James Mason as "Johnny McQueen" in Odd Man Out
 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Jeff Bailey" in Out of the Past
 ♦  Jane Greer as "Kathie Moffett" in Out of the Past

 ♦  Edward G. Robinson as "Joe Keller" in All My Sons
 ♦  John Garfield as "Joe Morse" in Force of Evil
 ♦  Edward G. Robinson as "Johnny Rocco" in Key Largo
 ♦  Joan Fontaine as "Lisa Berndle" in Letter From an Unknown Woman
 ♦  John Wayne as "Tom Dunson" in Red River
 ♦  Anton Walbrook as "Boris Lermontov" in The Red Shoes
 ♦  Humphrey Bogart as "Fred C. Dobbs" in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

 ♦  Katharine Hepburn as "Amanda Bonner" in Adam's Rib
 ♦  John Dall as "Bart Tare" in Gun Crazy
 ♦  Peggy Cummins as "Annie Laurie Starr" in Gun Crazy
 ♦  Alec Guinness as "multiple characters" in Kind Hearts and Coronets
 ♦  Gene Kelly as "Gabey" in On the Town
 ♦  John Wayne as "Captain Nathan Brittles" in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
 ♦  James Cagney as "Arthur Cody Jarrett" in White Heat

 ♦  Sterling Hayden as "Dix Handley" in The Asphalt Jungle
 ♦  Humphrey Bogart as "Dixon Steele" in In a Lonely Place
 ♦  Richard Widmark as "Harry Fabian" in Night and the City
 ♦  Richard Widmark as "Ray Biddle" in No Way Out
 ♦  Richard Widmark as "Dr. Clinton Reed" in Panic in the Streets
 ♦  Maureen O'Hara as "Mrs. Kathleen Yorke" in Rio Grande

 ♦  Alastair Sim as "Ebenezer Scrooge" in A Christmas Carol
 ♦  Kirk Douglas as "James McLeod" in Detective Story
 ♦  Robert Walker as "Bruno Anthony" in Strangers on a Train

 ♦  James Mason as "Cicero" in Five Fingers
 ♦  Judy Holliday as "Florence Keefer" in The Marrying Kind
 ♦  John Wayne as "Sean Thornton" in The Quiet Man
 ♦  Maureen O'Hara as "Mary Kate Danaher" in The Quiet Man
 ♦  Gene Kelly as "Don Lockwood" in Singin' in the Rain
 ♦  Debbie Reynolds as "Kathy Selden" in Singin' in the Rain

 ♦  Gloria Grahame as "Debby Marsh" in The Big Heat
 ♦  Marilyn Monroe as "Lorelei" in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
 ♦  Jane Russell as "Dorothy" in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
 ♦  Alan Ladd as "Shane" in Shane
 ♦  Jean Arthur as "Marion Starrett" in Shane

 ♦  William Holden as "Bernie Dodd "in The Country Girl
 ♦  Charles Laughton as "Henry Horatio Hobson" in Hobson's Choice
 ♦  Grace Kelly as "Lisa Carol Fremont" in Rear Window
     (Grace Kelly was nominated for Best Actress as Georgie Elgin in The Country Girl (1954) and won)

 ♦  Glenn Ford as "Richard Dadier" in Blackboard Jungle
 ♦  Julie Harris as "Abra" in East of Eden
 ♦  Doris Day as "Ruth Etting" in Love Me or Leave Me
 ♦  Henry Fonda as "Lt. Doug Roberts" in Mister Roberts
 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Preacher Harry Powell" in The Night of the Hunter
 ♦  James Dean as "Jim Stark" in Rebel Without a Cause
     (James Dean was nominated for Best Actor as Cal Trask in East of Eden (1955) and lost)

 ♦  Marilyn Monroe as "Cherie" in Bus Stop
 ♦  Sterling Hayden as "Johnny Clay" in The Killing
 ♦  James Stewart as "Dr. Ben" in The Man Who Knew Too Much
 ♦  Doris Day as "Jo MacKenna" in The Man Who Knew Too Much
 ♦  John Wayne as "Ethan Edwards" in The Searchers

 ♦  Andy Griffith as "Lonesome" Rhodes" in A Face in the Crowd
 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Mr. Allison" in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
 ♦  Kirk Douglas as "Colonel Dax" in Paths of Glory
 ♦  Tony Curtis as "Sidney Falco" in Sweet Smell of Success
 ♦  Toshiro Mifune as "Taketoki Washizu" in Throne of Blood
 ♦  Henry Fonda as "Juror # 8" in 12 Angry Men
 ♦  Marlene Dietrich as "Christine "Helm" Vole" in Witness for the Prosecution

 ♦  Alec Guinness as "Gulley Jimson" in The Horse's Mouth
 ♦  Rita Hayworth as "Ann Shankland" in Separate Tables
 ♦  Orson Welles as "Hank Quinlan" in Touch of Evil
 ♦  James Stewart as "Scottie Ferguson" in Vertigo
 ♦  Kim Novak in a dual role as "Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton" in Vertigo

 ♦  Lee Remick as "Laura Manion" in Anatomy of a Murder
 ♦  Jean-Pierre Leaud as "Antoine Doinel" in The 400 Blows
 ♦  Cary Grant as "Roger O. Thornhill" in North by Northwest
 ♦  Eva Marie Saint as "Eve Kendall" in North by Northwest
 ♦  John Wayne as "John T. Chance" in Rio Bravo
 ♦  Tony Curtis as "Joe-sephine" in Some Like It Hot
 ♦  Marilyn Monroe as "Sugar "in Some Like It Hot

 ♦  Jean Simmons as "Sister Sharon Falconer" in Elmer Gantry
 ♦  Fredric March as "Matthew Harrison Brady" in Inherit the Wind
 ♦  Anthony Perkins as "Norman Bates" in Psycho
 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Paddy Carmody" in The Sundowners
 ♦  Ralph Bellamy as "FDR" in Sunrise at Campobello

 ♦  Marilyn Monroe as "Roslyn Taber" in The Misfits

 ♦  James Mason as "Humbert Humbert" in Lolita
 ♦  Kirk Douglas as "Jack Burns" in Lonely Are the Brave
 ♦  Ralph Richardson as "James Tyrone, Sr." in Long Day's Journey Into Night
 ♦  Dean Stockwell as "Edmund Tyrone" in Long Day's Journey Into Night
 ♦  Frank Sinatra as "Bennett Marco" in The Manchurian Candidate
 ♦  Laurence Harvey as "Sgt. Raymond Shaw" in The Manchurian Candidate
 ♦  Robert Preston as "Harold Hill" in The Music Man
 ♦  Joel McCrea as "Steve Judd" in Ride the High Country
 ♦  Randolph Scott as "Gil Westrum" in Ride the High Country

 ♦  Sean Connery as "James Bond" in From Russia With Love

 ♦  Audrey Hepburn as "Eliza Doolittle" in My Fair Lady
 ♦  Peter Sellers as "Inspector Jacques Clouseau" in The Pink Panther
 ♦  Tony Randall as "Dr. Lao" in The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao

 ♦  Julie Christie as "Lara" in Doctor Zhivago

 ♦  Sidney Poitier as "Virgil Tibbs" in In the Heat of the Night
 ♦  Audrey Hepburn as "Joanna Wallace" in Two for the Road
     (Audrey Hepburn was nominated for Best Actress as Susy Hendrix in Wait Until Dark (1967) and lost)

 ♦  Steve McQueen as "Frank Bullitt" in Bullitt
 ♦  Tuesday Weld as "Sue Ann Stepanek" in Pretty Poison
 ♦  Mia Farrow as "Rosemary Woodhouse" in Rosemary's Baby

 ♦  Ali McGraw as "Brenda" in Goodbye, Columbus
 ♦  William Holden as "Pike Bishop" in The Wild Bunch
 ♦  Robert Redford as "The Sundance Kid" in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

 ♦  Malcolm McDowell as "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange
 ♦  Jessica Walter as "Evelyn Draper" in Play Misty for Me

 ♦  Robert Redford as "Bill McKay" in The Candidate
 ♦  Jon Voight as "Ed" in Deliverance
 ♦  Robert Redford as "Jeremiah Johnson" in Jeremiah Johnson
 ♦  Woody Allen as "Allan Felix" in Play It Again, Sam

 ♦  Sissy Spacek as "Holly Sargis" in Badlands
 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Eddie Coyle" in The Friends of Eddie Coyle
 ♦  Robert DeNiro as "Johnny Boy" in Mean Streets
 ♦  Liv Ullmann as "Marianne" in Scenes from a Marriage
 ♦  Paul Newman as "Henry Gondorff/Mr. Shaw" in The Sting

 ♦  Gene Hackman as "Harry Caul" in The Conversation
 ♦  John Cazale as "Fredo Corleone" in The Godfather, Part II
 ♦  Gene Wilder as "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein" in Young Frankenstein

 ♦  Robert Mitchum as "Phillip Marlowe" in Farewell, My Lovely
 ♦  Robert Shaw as "Quint" in Jaws
 ♦  Michael Caine as "Peachy Carnehan" in The Man Who Would Be King
 ♦  Sean Connery as "Daniel Dravot" in The Man Who Would Be King
 ♦  Tim Curry as "Dr. Frank-N-Furter" in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

 ♦  Diane Keaton as "Theresa Dunn" in Looking for Mr. Goodbar

 ♦  Richard Pryor as "Zeke Brown" in Blue Collar

 ♦  Woody Allen as "Isaac Davis" in Manhattan
 ♦  Nick Nolte as "Phillip Elliott" in North Dallas Forty
 ♦  Donald Sutherland as "Calvin" in Ordinary People

 ♦  Jack Nicholson as "Jack Torrance" in The Shining

 ♦  Kathleen Turner as "Matty Walker" in Body Heat
 ♦  Faye Dunaway as "Joan Crawford" in Mommie Dearest
 ♦  Christopher Walken as "Tom" in Pennies From Heaven

 ♦  Sean Penn as "Jeff Spicoli" in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

 ♦  Christopher Walken as "Johnny Smith" in The Dead Zone
 ♦  Ed Harris as "John Glenn "in The Right Stuff
 ♦  Eric Roberts as "Paul Snider" in Star 80

 ♦  Steve Martin as "Roger Cobb" in All of Me
 ♦  Molly Ringwald as "Samantha" in Sixteen Candles
 ♦  Robert De Niro as "Noodles" in Once Upon A Time In America
 ♦  James Woods as "Max" in Once Upon A Time In America

 ♦  Robert Redford as Denys George Finch Hatton in Out Of Africa
 ♦  Mieko Harada as "Lady Kaede" in Ran

 ♦  Dennis Hopper as "Frank Booth" in Blue Velvet
 ♦  Gary Oldman as "Sid Vicious" in Sid & Nancy

 ♦  Anjelica Huston as "Gretta" in The Dead
 ♦  Vincent D'Onofrio as "Leonard Lawrence (Pvt. Gomer Pyle)" in Full Metal Jacket
 ♦  Joanne Woodward as "Amanda Wingfield" in The Glass Menagerie
 ♦  Holly Hunter as "Ed-wina" in Raising Arizona

 ♦  Susan Sarandon as "Annie Savoy" in Bull Durham
 ♦  John Malkovich as "Vicomte De Valmont" in Dangerous Liaisons
 ♦  Alan Rickman as "Hans Gruber" in Die Hard
 ♦  Divine as "Edna Turnblad" in Hairspray

 ♦  Morgan Freeman as "John Rawlins" in Glory
 ♦  Annette Bening as "Marquise de Merteuil" in Valmont

 ♦  Glenn Close as "Sunny von Bulow" in Reversal of Fortune

 ♦  Laurence Fishburne as "Furious Styles" in Boyz 'N the Hood
 ♦  Samuel L. Jackson as "Gator" in Jungle Fever

 ♦  Michelle Pfeiffer as "Countess Ellen Olenska" in The Age of Innocence
 ♦  Bill Murray as "Phil" in Groundhog Day
 ♦  Denzel Washington as "Joe Miller" in Philadelphia

 ♦  Johnny Depp as "Ed Wood "in Ed Wood
 ♦  Kate Winslet as "Juliet Hulme" in Heavenly Creatures
 ♦  Ralph Fiennes as "Charles Van Doren" in Quiz Show
 ♦  John Turturro as "Hebert Stempel" in Quiz Show

 ♦  Kathy Bates as "Dolores Claiborne" in Dolores Claiborne
 ♦  Jennifer Jason Leigh as "Sadie" in Georgia
 ♦  Ian McKellen as "King Richard III" in Richard III
 ♦  Julianne Moore as "Carol White" in Safe
 ♦  Nicole Kidman as "Suzanne Stone" in To Die For
 ♦  Angela Bassett as "Bernadine Harris" in Waiting to Exhale

 ♦  Harry Belafonte as "Seldom Seen" in Kansas City
 ♦  Debbie Reynolds as "Beatrice" in Mother
 ♦  Eddie Murphy as "Sherman Klump (and others)" in The Nutty Professor

 ♦  Al Pacino as "Lefty Ruggiero" in Donnie Brasco
 ♦  Sigourney Weaver as "Janey Carver" in The Ice Storm
 ♦  Leonardo DiCaprio as "Jack Dawson" in Titanic
 ♦  Aaron Eckhart as "Chad" in In The Company Of Men

 ♦  Dylan Baker as "Bill Maplewood" in Happiness
 ♦  Christina Ricci as "Dedee Truitt" in The Opposite of Sex

 ♦  John Malkovich as "Himself" in Being John Malkovich
 ♦  Reese Witherspoon as "Tracy Enid Flick" in Election
 ♦  Matt Damon as "Tom Ripley" in The Talented Mr. Ripley

 ♦  Michelle Yeoh as "Yui Hsui Lien" in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
 ♦  Gillian Anderson as "Lily Bart" in The House of Mirth
 ♦  Michael Douglas as "Judge Wakefield" in Traffic

 ♦  Ewan McGregor as "Christian" in Moulin Rouge
 ♦  Nicole Kidman as "Grace" in The Others

 ♦  Leonardo DiCaprio as "Amsterdam Vallon" in Gangs Of New York
 ♦  Edward Norton as "Monty Brogan" in 25th Hour
 ♦  Richard Gere as "Billy Flynn" in Chicago
 ♦  Tom Hanks as "John Sullivan" in Road To Perdition

 ♦  Sean Astin as "Sam" in Return Of The King
 ♦  Leandro Firmino as "Lil Ze" in City Of God
 ♦  Tom Cruise as "Nathan Algren" in The Last Samurai

 ♦  Jim Carrey as "Joel Barrish" in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
 ♦  Paul Giamatti as "Miles" in Sideways
 ♦  Regina King as "Margie Hendricks" in Ray

 ♦  Russell Crowe as "Jim Braddock" in Cinderella Man
 ♦  Ed Harris as "Carl Fogarty" in A History Of Violence
 ♦  Sandra Bullock as "Jean Cabot" in Crash

 ♦  Jack Nicholson as "Frank Costello" in The Departed
 ♦  Leonardo DiCaprio as "Billy Costigan" in The Departed
 ♦  Brad Pitt as "Richard" in Babel

 ♦  Viggo Mortensen as "Nikolai" in Eastern Promises
 ♦  Laura Linney as "Wendy Savage" in The Savages

 ♦  Mickey Rourke as "Randy 'The Ram' Robinson" in The Wrestler
 ♦  Angelina Jolie as "Christine Collins" in Changeling

 ♦  George Clooney as "Ryan Bingham" in Up In The Air
 ♦  Gabourey Sidibe as "Precious" in Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire

 ♦  James Franco as "Aron Ralston" in 127 Hours
 ♦  Annette Bening as "Nic" in The Kids Are All Right

 ♦  Demián Bichir as "Carlos Galindo" in A Better Life
 ♦  Viola Davis as "Aibileen Clark" in The Help
 ♦  Jonah Hill as "Peter Brand" in Moneyball

 ♦  Joaquin Phoenix as "Freddie Quell" in The Master
 ♦  Jessica Chastain as "Maya" in Zero Dark Thirty
 ♦  Quvenzhané Wallis as "Hushpuppy" in Beasts of the Southern Wild
 ♦  Philip Seymour Hoffman as "Lancaster Dodd" in The Master

 ♦  Chiwetel Ejiofor as "Solomon Northup" in 12 Years A Slave
 ♦  Amy Adams as "Sydney Prosser" in American Hustle
 ♦  Bruce Dern as "Woodrow "Woody" Grant" in Nebraska

 ♦  Michael Keaton as "Riggan" in Birdman
 ♦  Steve Carell as "John du Pont" in Foxcatcher
 ♦  Rosamund Pike as "Amy Dunne" in Gone Girl
 ♦  Reese Witherspoon as "Cheryl" in Wild

 ♦  Bryan Cranston as "Dalton Trumbo" in Trumbo
 ♦  Eddie Redmayne as "Einar Wegener / Lili Elbe" in The Danish Girl
 ♦  Cate Blanchett as "Carol Aird" in Carol

 ♦  Meryl Streep as "Florence Foster Jenkins" in Florence Foster Jenkins
 ♦  Denzel Washington as "Troy Maxson" in Fences
 ♦  Ruth Negga as "Mildred Loving" in Loving
 ♦  Andrew Garfield as "Desmond Doss" in Hacksaw Ridge

 ♦  Daniel Kaluuya as "Chris Washington" in Get Out
 ♦  Saoirse Ronan as "Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson" in Lady Bird
 ♦  Meryl Streep as "Katharine Graham" in The Post

 ♦  Christian Bale as "Dick Cheney" in Vice
 ♦  Viggo Mortensen as "Tony Vallelonga" in Green Book
 ♦  Yalitza Aparicio as "Cleodegaria "Cleo" Gutierrez" in Roma

 ♦  Adam Driver as "Charlie Barber" in Marriage Story
 ♦  Jonathan Pryce as "Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio" in The Two Popes
 ♦  Cynthia Erivo as "Harriet Tubman" in Harriet
 ♦  Scarlett Johansson as "Nicole Barber" in Marriage Story

 ♦  Andra Day as "Billie Holiday" in The United States vs. Billie Holiday
 ♦  Riz Ahmed as "Ruben Stone" in Sound of Metal

 ♦  Olivia Colman as "Leda Caruso" in The Lost Daughter
 ♦  Denzel Washington as "Lord Macbeth" in The Tragedy of Macbeth

 ♦  Austin Butler as "Elvis Presley" in Elvis
 ♦  Cate Blanchett as "Lydia Tár" in Tár

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