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My name is Lew and this website is my self assigned mission. I tried to make a site that is fun, entertaining, and educational. A place you could spend an hour browsing, reading and leaving your opinion for others to learn from.

If you have any suggestions for how I can improve it, email me at is completely owned, operated, designed, maintained, and controlled by one person in Florida, U.S.A.

About The Music Lists.

In Sepember, 2003 I posted lists for 'Greatest Guitarists' (From Guitar magazine), 'Greatest Rock Artists', 'Rock Albums' and 'Rock Songs' (from VH1). When the 'Rolling Stone' Greatest Guitarists list came out, I found it on their website to check it out. Then I saw where people could put in their comments about the list. After two hours of reading the comments, I wondered what people would say about the 'Guitar Magazine' list. So I added a comments forum under the list. After a few weeks of comments I decided to make my own list based on the comments. And let people who viewed it give their advice on how to make it better. I also did the same thing with the 'VH1' lists.

Not long after this I started getting e-mails from people volunteering more lists.

Now this website has over 700 Music, Movie, Video Game, and Literature lists, articles, and reviews that are revised fairly regularly as your comments are reviewed and judged by the editor of each list. (Note; There is no set time for revisions, and the longer a list has been up, the less often it will change.) I would also like to thank everyone who has volunteered to take the time and effort to create a new list for the site. And knowing that no two people hear music the same, or come from different countries, regions, neighborhoods that emphasized and promoted different musical styles, there is no such thing as a perfect list and never will be. But at least attempting to reach the unreachable goal can be fun and enlightening although it's a never ending quest.

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