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I swear to God I have never written to anybody to comment on their site before, but after getting lost on yours for like THREE hours I have to drop you a note. You have done an absolutely superb job on your website. The thoroughness of your information is remarkable and the vastness of its scope has almost left me speechless. 

Keep up the good work. I'm sure your future holds wonderous things. 

Thanks for reading,
Hi there!

I am Arvindh, and I am an avid rock/metal music fan and I owe a lot to the DDD website for influencing my taste in music. I would like to thank you on a great job of creating, maintaining and constantly updating the site with writings and lists for the music-crazy people out there.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
With regards,
This is INSANE!

Being the music junkie that I am I can't believe this is the first time I've ever been to your site! I've been trying to shut this machine down for who knows how long but everytime I do I see one more list or one more article I have to read!

Now it's 6am and my eyes are killing me!

I can't understand why I've never come across a link or even a reference to your site, with all the great content it makes no sense to me that other music sites out there that aren't in the same league or even the same universe as yours, because in comparison they suck, seem to have no problem with PR!

In trying to define what I've just read I guess I'd have to say your site is basically a clearing house for music history. Yes there are lists, but there are also a lot of great articles and because of that your content shouldn't be referred to as only a site about lists.

I think words like "database" or "depository" or "archive" or "reference" are more appropriate because that's how comprehensive your site is.

If I were you and I built a site this big and of this quality the whole planet would hear about it!

Or maybe they have and I'm just slow?

All I know is this is the first time I've ever come across it and considering the massive number of music sites I've visited over the years I can't figure out why I've never been to yours until now! And by the way I found it by accident because I was looking for quotes by Mae West! Now that's funny!

I thought you should know how valuable I think it is, and that maybe you should look into the publicity aspect because once people discover it, the way I have, they'll start raving about it, the way I just did!

Cyrus in Toronto

As an avid listener/browser on your site, I have to say "well done man". Without a doubt my most visited site and I don't just spend 12 minutes there. My wife and I regularly listen and spend upwards of 90 minutes enjoying your work and have spent hours playing our version of name that tune.

Your site is clean, easy to navigate, informational, has zero pop-ups, and just packed with....well, stuff! Oh, and I can get all of that and more free? I don't know how you do it, but Thank You!...  from some strangers who really dig what you've done.

Hi there

My name is Paul Hurley and I am a writer for 12 Yard Productions in London, a TV company owned by ITV.

I am currently compiling lists for the BBC1 programme 'Who Dares Wins', which airs on Saturday nights and is hosted by Nick Knowles.

We are very interested in featuring on the show this excellent list of the 100 Greatest greatest operas which we found on the digitaldreamdoor website:

We will, if the list is used on air, refer to Digital Dreamdoor as the credited source.

I need to know the criteria for selecting the list: whether it was an original list, the work of one of your writers, or a poll? Ideally if you could put me in touch with the author I would be very happy.
Thanks in advance for your help

Paul Hurley
12 Yard
Hey Digital Dream Door

I just wanted to share a compliment, your site is fantastic !!!!
I launched an online music station 3 months ago at and your music lists have been tremendous resources for me as I have been researching great rock bands over the past 5 decades to add to my playlists. At least 50% of the music heard on my site has been inspired by your lists. I can tell a tremendous amount of work and dedication has gone into your website, especially your lists.

Joe Lundy
Recently my wife wiped out my entire music collection! Years of uploading and downloading gone. I am very impressed with your music lists and they will help greatly with my collection rebuild. Thank you guys so much for your website and the work you've put into it.

Sincerely Travis Mix

Awesome, Fantastic, Exciting, and an overall WOW! Thank you for providing a unique history of music, music that is timeless and inspirational. I cannot get over the amount of data, it's almost unbelievable, but, yet I see it!!!

Robert Benson
This is by far the best music site I've ever seen, well done and arranged, easy to navigate and tons of great information.

Thanks for a great web site.
Kathy D.

Great site! Very thorough and interesting. As a gigging piano/organ player since 1958, I find your site to be chock full of wonderful observations and memories. Thanks. 

As you seem to be so eclectic and knowlegeable about contemporary popular music, I'd also like to point you in the direction (also on youtube) of an old friend who has a brand new album of swing era tunes.... his name is Hans Stamer and the album is called Everything Happens To Me. He's a great great singer and is backed up by some of Vancouver's finest players. Check both of these guys out....... you'll be amply rewarded.
Thanks again for the website. I'm passing it on to all my fellow musicians. 
Keith K.
I just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your site. I find it an excellent source of info when I post polls on my own website. And I've done a bunch in the last couple of years! People always get a kick out of them... for a long time everyone thought I was some kind of genius and then I broke down and admitted I got all my info from Digital Dream Door.

Anyway, I figured it was past time to write you and give you your props.
Keep up the good work!
Hi, guys, Jim Earp here!

Thanks for slipping me in at #98.
I am honored, humbled, and stunned - and I mean it :)

God Bless you guys!
Jim E.
I just found your site today. I am a club/radio/mobile DJ and I find your lists to be a great reference. I just scored a gig at a club for 80's dance night. I have most of the tunes, but I just wanted to beef-up my collection a bit and was searching for good playlists. Although some songs don't work as well as others, you have given me some great ideas for other songs to test out.

Well done and thank you.
Dear Lew,
I don't write anyone about anything, and quite frankly just don't care much about anything right now, HOWEVER, I came across your site and I AM TRULY IMPRESSED and AMAZED.... It is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever come across as a music lover....... sometimes its (music) one of the few things besides my fiancee that gives me joy.... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.....

Chris C.
I recently met a woman undergoing dialysis and it's a lonely time. I offered her an MP3 player to help pass the time (I'd recently gotten one myself and was quite impressed with the quality, etc. She is not Internet 'savy' so I had to ask her what kind of music she likes... All I could get out of her was Country & Western....

Well, I'm not a great fan - (don't dislike it - love some of it... ) and didn't know what to put on it. So I tried a Google search for Country and Western Greatest Hits - after some time - I finally got to your site and page - It had the exact list I needed!

I just wanted to say it was a great page/site and thanks for the help. I've got more than enough ideas to fill it up.

Great work, and thanks,
Jerry L.
Chief Volunteer
Yes! We Deliver, Inc.
Digital Dream Door is the best and most comprehensive music website that I have experienced on the web to date. I've been to many over the past 10 years; I'm fairly certain there is none better. I love your lists (especially the ballads), and I love that you actually provide a way to listen to the music...I love my all time favorite songs but, sometimes I will come across an unknown title and listen to it. If I like it, I may purchase it at some point.

Marion W.
I don't know if this is where I send things like this, so I am going to do my best.
First of all, I would just like to start by saying that I absolutely adore your music lists. As I fledgling music fan and musician, it is wonderful to have a reference of great musical knowledge and debate that I can refer to in order to broaden my horizons. Thank you for maintaining the list and being as thorough as you have been.

James B.
Wow, I've seen my life pass by me as I viewed all your fantastic music lists, etc. that you have on your site.

I'm spellbound.

Thanks for a great site!
Jim K
I've been DJing for over 20 years and I was amazed to read your song compilations. Specifically the House and Freestyle lists. They're deadly accurate in terms of their stack ranking significance.
Thank you very much for sharing doing all of this work and research.

I am a Rock Hall charter member and write letters to the Rock Foundation to campaign for the artists that I believe they need to consider. I really like your website; it is a GREAT resource for me to use.

Thanks again!
Linda C.
Hi Lew!
My name is Julio, I'm a 19 year old aspiring musician who enjoys constantly exploring new kinds of music. This is the reason I felt compelled to write you, because Digital Dream Door has been essential in this constant and beautiful search and I cannot begin to express how much I thank you for making it. I can't imagine how many hours you have spent working on the site, but i assure that I thank for each and every one of them. I have learned a ridiculous amount of things, and I hope to learn much more. Really really really thanks a lot for your work.
I stumbled across your site while looking for a list of greatest drummers, and I must say I am impressed! The research and obvious time put into this site is awesome. I also must say that I tend to agree with most of your lists, and many are almost exactly how I would rank them. I'm tired of the lists that would rank a guitarist such as, say, Jack White ahead of an Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. Nothing against Jack White, but he's not even on the same page as the other two. I'm getting off track here. I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated and you should be very proud of the work you've done here. I am a 46-year old classic/prog/hard rock/heavy metal enthusiast and have played drums since I was 9 years old. Just so you can get a feel for the wide appeal of your site.

Keep up the great work!

Scott H.
I am a huge fan of this website and appreciate all of the thought and  effort that goes into compiling these lists. Hopefully the  contributors have as much fun as the readers.   

I am anxiously looking forward to an updated version of the 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances. I feel there have been some excellent drumming songs that have come along in the last two years. I'm particularly excited to see where you rank songs off of Mastodon's  Blood Mountain and Tool's 10,000 Days. Anyway, please let me know when you plan on updating the list and if you could even ball park where you would rank the best drumming songs off of these two albums, I would be thrilled.   

Thanks so much, 
Adam L.
Dear Digital Dream Door,

You guys have introduced me to absolutely amazing artists and genres. Without this site, the MC5, Joy Division, Pavement, the Smiths, and Jeff Buckley would be forever unknown to me. Two of which are my favorite artists that eternally have a place on my CD player/turntable/ipod.

Keep up the good work! I want to keep listening to previously unknown bands till the day I die from sites like these.

- Dan M.
HI DigitalDreamDoor, 
You guys are awesome. I just wanted to tell you that I totally appreciate your lists. Let me also tell you that I am basically fed up of some of these bizarre lists of "greatest" singers and guitarists that show no regard whatsoever for technical ability. If I have to see another list of singers that has Joey Ramone in the Top 10 but no Freddie Mercury in the Top 100 (such lists exist, I am not making it up!), I think that I am going to scream! 

I wanted to thank you very much for this informative site. It's fantastic! I'm in my fifties and you showed me song titles I had long forgotten. I'm burning my own CDs using info from your site and a few others. I started with the year 1960, and with luck I'll finish with 1979. Each year has three separate discs (60 songs-20 per disc) devoted to it.

Thanks for your excellent site!
Gary M.
Dear sir,

I want to thank you for your site. It is has been one of the greatest informational tools that I have ever used for discovering and examining music and movies. Heck, I would have never have never of heard MC5 if it were not for this site.

Thank you,
Sam S.
Hi there

Your site is fantastic! So many charts and musical trivia!!
Very productive, keep that way

Tamir, Israel

I don't have any suggestions on improving the site. It's the best site i've been to as it is. The music timeline really helped me put together my history (you know how certain songs make you remember certain things).

You're the BEST man.
Doug L.
If you haven't already you might wanna consider adding Day of the Baphomets by the Mars Volta to the Greatest Bass Performances it is pretty good btw this is an amazing site I've found a lot of great songs I didnt even know existed on here!

Hello Lew,  

Thank you so much for adding my link to your site. My computer disk crashed shortly after I emailed you the first time, and I just got it back from the repair shop this evening. Hence, the delay in getting back to you.  

The Wayne Wesley Johnson dba Wannadu, LLC link looks great. Thanks for the consideration.  

Best Regards,
Wayne Wesley Johnson

I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed by the lists, and it's definitely one of my favorite sites to visit! Good job. Keep up the good work!

-Lindsey J.
Dear digitaldreamdoor,

Your website is so valuable, I reference it frequently. I'm English and a foreign language teacher who uses music to engage students and help them learn pop culture, idioms and vocabulary from popular songs.

-Mr. Lin
Hello guys,

thanks for your great site, always a pleasure visiting it
but you forgot one band in death metal: bolt thrower

Nicolas from germany

your site is great; just found it and wow, what a nice visit!.....
Would you consider adding LONNIE MACK to your "greatest guitarist" list?

thanks very much,
gary g.
Thought I would drop you a note and let you now what a wonderful site you have created. I have spent many hours trawling through your lists and assessing your rankings. Interesting. Personal taste has a high volatility factor so all things being equal I think your lists are pretty representative.

I have been creating my own lists for a number of years now. Mine are Australian based so my assessments have different influences, but I like to follow up on songs I don't know about on the off chance I find another "Gem". You have given me a lot to follow up!

Some lists you may consider adding to your vast collection (I am sure you get many suggestions)
TV Themes
Movie Themes (original tunes only)
Songs from Musicals
Cartoon Themes
Broadway themes
Banned/controversial songs
Childrens songs

Will keep you in my favourites.
Thanks for the fun.

Peter H.
dear digitaldreamdoor manager,

I love the site, it's very helpful, but i think a page of the greatest acoustic rock songs would be a wonderful addition.

Hi, first I want to say thank you very much for such a great site, I've fallen in love with many bands and songs since finding this site.
Thanks again for one of my favourite webpages!
Hi :)
At firts, I really got to say: man, I really love that site! It was veeeery well done! It Have some amazing Lists, and lists about almost everything! Well, at least, everything that i wanna know (about rock). So, Thank you man for this wonderful site and this wonderful job that you are doing, congratulations.

Sorry about the english, I'm a brazilian student :P.

Again, Thanks for the site, and good lucky:
Your website has been more helpful to me in learning new bands, and new movies then any other website (other than the possible exceptions of google, and wikipedia). So I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you, and I will be glad to see more of your lists in later times.

Suggestion: In the movie category, I suggest that you make a seperate section for the Top 5 movies of each year. Thank you for listening.

Sincerely, J.S.
I really like your list of greatest rock instrumentals, it has helped me compile a library to listen to.

I would however add 3 more to that list
(Rockin Instrumentals)  

1. Starliner - Montrose -Paper Money album
2. The Spider - Kansas - Point of no Return album
3. Conversations - Saga - Worlds Apart album

R. Wolf
Hi there: My name is John Pepper and I am the marketing coordinator for Great River Regional Library, based in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

I am planning a presentation on Foreign Film at the Minnesota Library Association annual conference in September. I'd like to have some film lists to hand out to people who attend my presentation. May I copy your top 100 foreign film list, properly attributed?

Just wanted to thank you for having a website with top lists that even though they may be "unofficial", they are at least very credible and logical.  You put the lists Rolling Stone Magazine releases to shame.

Thanks again,
What an excellent site you have there!
Two thumbs up!
I'm a sucker for stats and lists and all such stuff, as long as it comes from someone who knows their thing!

I suppose you're open to suggestions? Here's my bit. In International Artists, you Must check out Thermal And A Quarter and Zero from India.

Thermal And A Quarter are from Bangalore, India - and have been making music for over 10 years. Check out some of their stuff at . They put their third, and till date best album i.m.o., 'Plan B', up for free download on their website for over 2 years. After crossing over ~25000 downloads, they put it offline and have been selling the same - like hot cakes!

Zero is another awesome band, from Mumbai, India - best known for their guitarist Warren. Check out for some info. Site is incomplete a.t.m., bunch of lazy musicians!

I've been following the Indian rock scene for over 6 years now, of which, sadly not many around the world hear about often. It'd be great to see these bands being noticed, which they much deserve!

Anuj Gupta
These lists are absolutely amazing.
Thank you for this.

Thank you, thank you for the dreamdoor site and the very enjoyable lists,
especially the lyrics.

Olá & My name is Ramon and is of the city of Blumenau in Brazil. I found the site DDD in net and liked very. It possesss good information and he is well complete.
It helped me in the research very that I needed.

ps. Sorry my english
Thanks for the awesome list of jazz standards!

Mary C. in Colorado
Congratulations on having the best oldies music site I have ever seen!!

i am a student from Slovenia, and i really like good music of all genres.  I think you site is great, and i really apreciate your work, but right now i am listening to a song that you really should put on your list: Starless King Crimson, in my and my fathers opinion, this song should hit the top ten list of best (not greatest) rock songs ever.  Also there is an album: Lotus - Santana, that you really should consider on putting on your list of greatest albums.   

Well that's it for now, i don't have any more remarks right now, please continue your great work, and if u find my remarks positive, maybe i can find some more songs/albums to put on lists.   

With regards,

I just found your list and realized that my/our band is on it.
This is an awesome thing to us! Thank you so much, we are honored!
There are quite a few other bands on the list that we know, have
played with, or at least have heard the names of before. Great list!

The point of this e-mail is to ask a small favor.....
Would it be too much to ask you to put our full band name on the list? I/we know that this sounds picky and minimal, but it would mean a lot to us.

The actual band name is:
The Kids Who Never Learned How to Colour Inside of the Lines

Thank you, in advance,
chris, Chad, Mike, Steve, and Rich (The Kids...)
Hi, I'm Gary, keyboard player for the band Neural Mass. We are listed as number 186 in the greatest prog band category. Wow, quite an honor. Anyway, I would like to send you guys a promo copy of our latest album. If you want, just give me your shipping address and I will send you a copy.

Gary X

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