100 Greatest Metal Bassists

Innovation: There are two types of innovation: Technical and Stylistic. Technical refers to an innovation in bass playing techniques or methods. Stylistic is about doing something new in terms of the role of the bass in a pop/rock ensemble.

Influence: Not to be confused with innovation, influence is simply how much the player influenced others. That is, other professional bass players, not how many kids on your street they influenced.

Creativity: This is pretty much the category of music writing... this is about how clever or inventive the lines are... This is not to be confused with stylistic innovation. Though they do gain creativity points if their lines are innovative, they don't necessarily have to be innovative to be creativite. They don't have to reshape the bass world or anything like that, they just have to be clever lines.

Technical ability: This is about the player's technique. Speed, precision, sense of rhythm/ability to hold the 'pocket', ability to play odd time signatures, as well as technique versatility... ie. being able to play slap and fingerstyle well will score you more points than just being good at finger style.

Versatility: Versatility refers to not only versatility of musical genres, but also versatility in musical roles. Just like a guitarist is more highly regarded if he or she can perform well as a rhythm or lead player, it's the same with bassists. Bassists are the glue that holds the band together, and if the bassist can't fit in wherever the band, as a unit, needs them, they are not being very much of an asset to the band. Also included in this is instrumental versatility. This means playing a stringed instrument, besides bass guitar, in the role of a bass.
Greatest Metal Bassists
1. Geezer Butler
(Black Sabbath)
2. Steve Harris
(Iron Maiden)
3. Cliff Burton
4. Steve DiGiorgio
(Death, Quo Vadis)
5. Alex Webster
(Cannibal Corpse, Blotted Science)
6. John Myung
(Dream Theater)
7. Sean Malone
(Cynic, Gordian Knot)
8. Roger Patterson
9. Tony Choy
10. Michael Lepond
(Symphony X)
11. Ryan Martinie
12. Jason Netherton
(Dying Fetus, Misery Index)
13. Justin Chancellor
14. Robert Trujillo
(Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Ozzy, Jerry Cantrell)
15. Stefan Fimmers
16. Phil Lynott
(Thin Lizzy)
17. Neil Murray
(Whitesnake, Empire)
18. John Alderete
(Racer X)
19. Tim Commerford
(Rage Against the Machine)
20. Al Cisneros
(Om, Sleep, Shrinebuilder)
21. Billy Sheehan
(Steve Vai, Mr. Big, Niacin)
22. Rainer Landfermann
23. Randy Coven
(Steve Vai)
24. DD Verni
25. Jason Newsted
(Metallica, Floatsam and Jetsam, Ozzy, Voivod)
26. Marcel Jacob
(Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen)
27. Mike Inez
(Alice In Chains, Ozzy)
28. Bill Gould
(Faith No More)
29. Joey DeMaio
30. Brian Gibson
(Lightning Bolt)
31. Linus of Hollywood
(Paul Gilbert)
32. David Ellefson
33. Pete Perez
(Spastic Inc.)
34. Dan Lilker
(Nuclear Assault)
35. Doug Wimbish
(Living Color)
36. François Mongrain
37. Ben Shepherd
38. Rex Brown
39. Bob Daisley
(Ozzy, Rainbow, Rising Force)
40. Lemmy Kilmister
41. Markus Grosskopf
42. Mem Von Stein
43. Tom Araya
44. Greg Christian
45. Sean Beasley
(Dying Fetus)
46. Jimmy Bain
(Thin Lizzy, Dio, Rainbow, solo)
47. Jared Anderson
(Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel)
48. Rufus Philpot
(Planet X)
49. Trey Gunn
(Session Player)
50. Jon Vesano
51. Trevor Dunn
(Fantomas, Mr. Bungle)
52. David Vincent
(Morbid Angel)
53. Troy Norman
(Morbid Angel)
54. Necrobutcher
55. Eerie Von
56. Steve Tucker
(Morbid Angel, Anthrax)
57. Paul Barker
58. Dominic LaPointe
(Quo Vadis)
59. Jeordie White
(A Perfect Circle)
60. Felipe Andreolli
61. Ron McGoveney
(Phantasm, Hirax)
62. Bobzilla
(Damage Plan)
63. Paul D'Amour
64. Ian Hill
(Judas Priest)
65. Eric Langlois
66. Scott Clendenin
67. Buckethead
68. Frank Bello
69. Mike Starr
(Alice In Chains)
70. Timi Hansen
(King Diamond, Mercyful Fate)
71. Greg Arama
(Amboy Dukes)
72. Adrian Lambert
73. Mike Flores
74. Jim Shepppard
75. James MacDonough
(Iced Earth, Megadeth)
76. Chris Kringel
77. Yngwie J. Malmsteen
78. Frederic Le Clerq
79. Martin Mendez
80. Johan DeFarfalla
81. Tyr
82. Dan Briggs
(Between the Buried and Me)
83. John Campbell
(Lamb of God)
84. Shane Embruy
85. Dick Lövgren
86. Christian Olde Wolbers
(Fear Factory)
87. Michael Bishop
88. Evan Seinfeld
89. Kelly Conlon
90. Duff McKagen
(Guns N' Roses, Duff McKagans Loaded)
91. Jerry Orne
92. Byron Stroud
(Fear Factory)
93. Troy Sanders
94. Frank Banx
95. Jeff Becerra
96. Alex Camargo
97. Scott Carlson
98. Martin Henriksson
(Dark Tranquility)
99. Paul Romanko
(Shadows Fall)
100. Mike Dean
(Corrosion of Conformity)
Geezer Butler Steve Harris

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