100 Greatest Metal Drummers

Criteria: Metal Drummers are ranked for their influence, innovation, originality, and technical ability.
Greatest Metal Drummers
  Drummer - Bands (Best Drumming Song)
1. Dave Lombardo
Slayer, Testament (Raining Blood)
2. Bill Ward
Black Sabbath (The Wizard)
3. Danny Carey
Tool (Ticks & Leeches)
4. Mike Portnoy
Dream Theater (Stream of Consciousness)
5. Cozy Powell
Rainbow, Black Sabbath (Stargazer)
6. Nicko McBrain
Iron Maiden (Where Eagles Dare)
7. Vinnie Paul
Pantera, Damageplan (Throes of Rejection)
8. Gene Hoglan
Death, Strapping Young Lad (Symbolic)
9. Lars Ulrich
Metallica (Dyer's Eve)
10. Martin Lopez
Opeth (Deliverance)
11. Bobby Jarzombek
Spastic Ink, Demons and Wizards, Halford (Multi-Masking)
12. Hellhammer
Mayhem, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir (For to End Yet Again)
13. Matt Cameron
Soundgarden (Jesus Christ Pose)
14. Nick Menza
Megadeth (Take no Prisoners)
15. Tommy Aldridge
Ozzy Osbourne, Vinnie Moore (Saved by a Miracle)
16. Scott Travis
Judas Priest, Racer X (Painkiller)
17. Brann Dailor
Mastodon (Capillerian Crest)
18. Clive Burr
Iron Maiden (Genghis Khan)
19. Richard Christy
Death, Iced Earth (Harvester of Human Sorrow)
20. Derek Roddy
Hate Eternal (Faceles One)
21. Mark Zonder
Fates Warning (Nothing Left to Say)
22. Tomas Haake
Meshuggah (I)
23. Phil Taylor
Motörhead (Overkill)
24. Jürgen Reil
Kreator (Terrible Certainty)
25. Virgil Donati
Planet X (Midnight Bell)
26. Gar Samuelson
Megadeth (Wake Up Dead)
27. Tommy Lee
Mötley Crüe (Use It or Lose It)
28. Sean Reinert
Cynic, Death (Secret Face)
29. Charlie Benante
Anthrax (Schism)
30. Paul Bostaph
Slayer, Testament (Killing Fields)
31. Flo Mournier
Cryptopsy (Carrionshine)
32. Scott Rockenfield
Queensrÿche (Take Hold of the Flame)
33. Vinny Appice
Dio, Heaven & Hell, Derringer (Beyond the Universe)
34. George Kollias
Nile (Burning Pits of Duat)
35. Lee Kerslake
Ozzy Osbourne (Over the Mountain)
36. Pete Sandoval
Morbid Angel (Maze of Torment)
37. Mick Harris
Napalm Death (Scum)
38. Nicholas Barker
Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Son (Kings of the Carnival Creation)
39. Igor Cavalera
Sepultura (Territory)
40. Mike Sus
Possessed (The Exorsist)
41. Joey Jordison
Slipknot (Disasterpiece)
42. Allen Blickle
Baroness (Rays on Pinion)
43. Ray Herrera
Fear Factory (Cyberwaste)
44. Proscriptor
Absu (She Cries the Quiet Lake)
45. Mario Duplantier
Gojira (The Art of Dying)
46. Sean Kinney
Alice In Chains (Sick Man)
47. Chris Adler
Lamb of God (Ashes of the Wake)
48. Matt McDonough
Mudvayne (World so Cold)
49. Aaron Harris
Isis (Not in Rivers but in Drops)
50. Jason Rullo
Symphony X (The Accolade)
51. Shannon Lucas
All That Remains, Black Dahlia Murder (This Calling)
52. Blake Richardson
Between the Buried and Me (Obfuscation)
53. David Silveria
Korn (Got the Life)
54. Brad Wilk
Rage Against the Machine (Snakecharmer)
55. Steve Flynn
Atheist (Mother Man)
56. Mike Smith
Suffocation (Redemption)
57. Mike Bordin
Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn (Midlife Crisis)
58. Randy Castillo
Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe (Hellraiser)
59. Trivett Wingo
The Sword (Ebethron)
60. Yanic Bercier
Quo Vadis (Absolution)
61. John Dolmayan
System of a Down (I-E-A-I-A-I-O)
62. Des Kensel
High on Fire (Devilution)
63. Daniel Erlandsson
Arch Enemy, Carcass, In Flames (ehumanizer)
64. Kim Ruzz
Mercyful Fate (The Oath)
65. Ken Owen
Carcass (Heartwork)
66. Dave McClain
Machine Head (Imperium)
67. Ingo Schwichtenberg
Helloween (Eagle Fly Free)
68. Les Binks
Judas Priest (Exciter)
69. Ricardo Confessori
Angra (Caroline IV)
70. Jason Roeder
Neurosis (Locust Star)
71. Paul Mazurkiewicz
Cannibal Corpse, Tirant Sin (Hammer Smashed Face)
72. Tony Laureano
Nile (Sarcophagus)
73. Tony "Abaddon" Bray
Venom (Black Metal)
74. Felix Griffin
DRI (Tear it Down)
75. Daniel Svensson
In Flames, Diabolique (Brush the Dust Away)
76. Ted Kirkpatrick
Tourniquet (Ark of Suffering)
77. Frost
Satyricon, Gorgoroth (Mother North)
78. Fenriz
Immortal (Tyrants)
79. Steve Asheim
Deicide, Order of Ennead, Council of the Fallen (As if a Rose I Wither)
80. Hans Grossmann
Necrophagist (Stillborn One)
81. Scott Columbus
Manowar (Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy)
82. Dave Mackintosh
DragonForce, Bal-Sagoth (Through the Fire & the Flames)
83. Steve Zimmerman
Fates Warning (The Sorceress)
84. John Tempesta
Exodus, Testament, Helmet, White Zombie (See You Dead)
85. Nigel Glockler
Saxon (Motorcycle Man)
86. Deen Castronovo
Marty Friedman, Wild Dogs, Ozzy Osbourne (Saturation Point)
87. Shawn Drover
Megadeth, Eidolon (This Day We Fight!)
88. Travis Smith
Trivium (Falling to Gray)
89. Liam Sweeney
No Quarter Given (Falling Paradigm)
90. Mike Terrana
Rage, Masterplan (All I Want)
91. Rob Callard
Sylosis (The Blackest Skyline)
92. Tim Yeung
Divine Heresy (Bleed the Fifth)
93. Thomen Stauch
Blind Guardian, Savage Circus (When Hell Awakes)
94. Stian Kristoffersen
Pagan's Mind (The Celestine Prophecy)
95. Jimmy Sullivan
Avenged Sevenfold (Streets)
96. Tom Hunting
Exodus (Piranha)
97. Johan Langell
Pain Of Salvation (Fandango)
98. Louie Clemente
Testament (Over The Wall)
99. Adam Dutkiewicz
Killswitch Engage (My Curse)
100. Pete Gill
Saxon, Motörhead (Denim & Leather)
Dave Lombardo
Bill Ward
Danny Carey
Mike Portnoy
Cozy Powell

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