100 Greatest Northern Soul Songs

Criteria: This top 100 was put together by Kev Roberts as part of the Northern Soul Top 500. It's based on the records that were most popular in Northern Soul Dance Clubs in The United Kingdom from the mid-1960s and beyond.

1. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Frank Wilson
2. Out on the Floor
Dobie Gray
3. You Didn't Say a Word
Yvonne Baker
4. The Snake
Al Wilson
5. Long After Tonight is Over
Jimmy Radcliffe
6. Seven Day Lover
James Fountain
7. You Don't Love Me
Epitome of Sound
8. Looking for You
Garnet Mimms
9. If That's What You Wanted
Frankie Beverly & the Butlers
10. Seven Days Too Long
Chuck Wood
11. The Right Track
Billy Butler
12. Stick By Me Baby
13. I Really Love You
14. Time Will Pass You By
Tobi Legend
15. Landslide
Tony Clarke
16. Too Late
Larry Willaims & Johnny "Guitar" Watson
17. You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
Dana Valery
18. Walking Up a One Way Street
Willie Tee
19. If You Ever Walk Out of My Life
Dena Barnes
20. There's a Ghost in My House
R. Dean Taylor
21. Here I Go Again
Archie Bell & the Drells
22. Hit and Run
Rose Batiste
23. What
Judy Street
24. Tainted Love
Gloria Jones
25. Girl Across the Street
Moses Smith
26. You're Gonna Love My Baby
Barbara McNair
27. You've Been Away
28. She'll Come Running Back
Mel Britt
29. Double Cookin'
Checkerboard Squares
30. It Really Hurts Me Girl
31. If You Ask Me
Jerry Williams
32. Unsatisfied
Lou Johnson
33. Our Love is in the Pocket
J.J. Barnes
34. Come on Train
Don Thomas
35. Turnin' My Heartbeat Up
36. You're Gonna Make Me Love You
Sandi Sheldon
37. I Got to Find Me Somebody
38. I'm Gonna Love You a Long, Long Time
Patty & the Emblems
39. Better Use Your Head
Little Anthony & the Imperials
40. Dance, Dance, Dance
41. Dearly Beloved
Jack Montgomery
42. Crackin' Up Over You
Roy Hamilton
43. My Sugar Baby
Connie Clark
44. Cashing In
Voices of East Harlem
45. That's My Girl
Dee Clark
46. Lend a Hand
Bobby Hutton
47. Just Loving You
Ruby Andrews
48. Cause You're Mine
49. A Little Bit Hurt
Julian Covey
50. What Kind of Lady
Dee Dee Sharp
51. A Lil' Lovin' Sometimes
Alexander Patten
52. You Just Don't Know (What You Do to Me)
Chubby Checker
53. Just Like the Weather
Nolan Chance
54. Night Owl
Bobby Paris
55. Bari Track
Doni Burdick
56. I'll Always Need You
Dean Courtney
57. She's Wanted
Larry Clinton
58. I Travel Alone
Lou Ragland
59. They'll Never Know Why
Freddie Chavez
60. I Still Love You
Seven Souls
61. I'm On My Way
Dean Parrish
62. Baby Hit and Run
63. Open the Door to Your Heart
Darrell Banks
64. I'll Always Love You
65. I'm Gonna Run Away from You
Tami Lynn
66. You Don't Want Me No More
Major Lance
67. Love, Love, Love
Bobby Hebb
68. Blowing My Mind to Pieces
Bob Relf
69. You Got to Pay Your Dues
70. Skiing in the Snow
71. She Blew a Good Thing
72. In Orbit
Joy Lovejoy
73. Stranger in My Arms
Lynne Randell
74. Nothing Can Compare to You
Velvet Satins
75. I Need You
Shane Martin
76. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
77. I'm Comun' Home in the Mountain
Lou Pride
78. I Can't Help Lovin' You
Paul Anka
79. I'm Not Strong Enough
Four Perfections
80. I Got the Fever
Prophets/The Creation
81. Crazy Baby
82. Heartaches Away My Boy
Christine Cooper
83. You've Been Cheatin'
84. Get Out
Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes
85. Run For Cover
86. Girls Are Out to Get You
87. I Never Knew
Eddie Foster
88. Save My Love for a Rainy Day
Van Dykes
89. Send Him Back
Pointer Sisters
90. Gonna Be a Big Thing
Yum Yums
91. If I Could Only Be Sure
Nolan Porter
92. Next Line
Hoagy Landis
93. Time Marches On
Lainie Hill
94. I Walked Away
Bobby Paris
95. I Can't Make It Anymore
Spyder Turner
96. You're Ready Now
Frankie Valli
97. Thumb a Ride
Earl Wright
98. Gotta Have Your Love
99. Man Without a Woman
Michael & Raymond
100. My Man is a Sweet Man
Millie Jackson

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List Begun: 2008-01-12

Background: Northern Soul - In 1967 an underground movement developed via 'The Twisted Wheel Club' in Manchester, U.K. Regular all night 'raves' saw the introduction of rare soul 45's being played to a youthful 'fed up with the UK pop hit' syndrome. Soon, this bizarre youth culture turned the North of England into 'the place to be' every Saturday night, and following the closure of 'The Wheel' in 1970 saw a plethora of hip clubs such as 'The Catacombs' (Wolverhampton), 'The Golden Torch' (Stoke-on-Trent) and the daddy of them all - 'Wigan Casino'. The latter (1973-1981) was the scenes most famous all night venue from where the most popular singles emerged.

About Kev Roberts: Kev is a Radio DJ/Promoter who joined Wigan Casino in 1973 and became an integral part of the Northern Soul Golden Era, working with acts such as Jackie Wilson, Betty Wright, Temptations, Four Tops, Major Lance etc. Coming to the U.S. he produced more than 100 Dance tracks during the 1980s, owned his own labels ELECTRICITY and BLUE CHIP, compiled more than 200 albums for 'Goldmine' and other record labels during the Soul revival in the 1990s, MC'd shows in the U.S., Germany, Italy & Ireland. Kev currently syndicates a weekly radio show in the U.K.