100 Greatest Freestyle Dance Songs

Definition: Freestyle music is a form of hip hop dance (Latin hip hop, Latin pop) that originated from the electro-funk of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force's 1982 seminal track "Planet Rock". The style is characterized by Latin percussion, heavy syncopation, and themes of romance, love, and partying. Latinos make up the majority of the fans as well as those in the industry although the music has been popular to a certain extent with blacks and whites, particularly Greeks and Italians (especially during freestyle music's beginning stages). Freestyle music peaked in the mid to late '80s and saw a revival in the mid to late '90s but went virtually underground ever since.

Criteria: Freestyle Dance Songs are based on impact, influence, and popularity.

Last Updated: 2007-12-11
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Greatest Freestyle Dance Songs
  1. Let the Music Play - Shannon
  2. I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam with Full Force
  3. When I Hear Music (It Makes Me Dance) - Debbie Deb
  4. Don't Stop the Rock- Freestyle
  5. Fantasy Girl - Johnny O.
  6. Spring Love (Come Back to Me) - Stevie B.
  7. Change on Me - Cynthia
  8. Take Me in Your Arms - Lil' Suzy
  9. Together Forever - Lisette Melendez
10. Show Me (The Next remix) - The Cover Girls
11. Come Go with Me - Exposé
12. Point of No Return - Exposé
13. Fascinated (By Your Love) - Company B
14. Lookout Weekend - Debbie Deb
15. Silent Morning - Noel
16. Bad of the Heart - George Lamond
17. Temptation - Corina
18. I'll Be Loving You - Collage
19. I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz
20. Please Don't Go - Nayobe
21. I'll Be All You Ever Need - Trinere
22. Come Into My Arms - Judy Torres
23. One Way Love - T.K.A.
24. Boy, I've Been Told - Sa-Fire
25. I Won't Stop Loving You - C-Bank feat. Diamond Eyes
26. I Wanna Be the One - Stevie B.
27. Tell it to My Heart - Taylor Dayne
28. Give Me Tonight - Shannon
29. Party Your Body - Stevie B.
30. (You Are My) All N All - Joyce Sims
31. Funky Little Beat - Connie
32. Diamond Girl - Nice & Wild
33. Crying Over You - Soave
34. Clave Rocks - Amoretto
35. Summertime Summertime - Nocera
36. Dreamboy/Dreamgirl - Cynthia and Johnny O.
37. Two of Hearts - Stacey Q.
38. No Reason To Cry - Judy Torres
39. Do You Miss Me? - Jocelyn Enriquez
40. Dreaming of Love - Stevie B.
41. Sending All My Love - Linear
42. I Remember What You Like - Jenny Burton
43. Sincerely Yours - Sweet Sensation
44. Baby Talk - Alisha
45. Can You Feel the Beat? - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
46. Set You Free - Planet Soul feat. Nadine Renee
47. Release Me - Angelina
48. In a Dream (My Love) - Jossette
49. Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love) - DJ Juanito w/ Lina Santiago
50. Give Me (A Reason) - Buffy
51. Don't Take Your Love (Away From Me) - Lydia Lee Love
52. Don't Make Me Wait - Bomb the Bass feat. Lorraine
53. The Mexican - Jellybean feat. Jenny "Janita" Haan
54. It's Automatic - Freestyle
55. Party Has Begun - Freestyle
56. Catch Me (I'm Falling) - Pretty Poison
57. Take It While It's Hot - Sweet Sensation
58. If You Leave Me Now - Jaya and Stevie B.
59. Head to Toe - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
60. Say It's Gonna Rain - Will to Power
61. Don't Break My Heart - Sa-Fire
62. Maria - T.K.A.
63. Let Me Love You For Tonight - Kariya
64. (You're My One and Only) True Love - Seduction
65. Running (The Nest remix) - Information Society
66. Hungry for Your Love - Hanson & Davis
67. Dancing on the Fire - Jellybean feat. India
68. Where Are You Tonight? - Coro
69. Yo Little Brother - Nolan Thomas
70. For Tonight - Nancy Martinez
71. Jump Back (Set Me Free) - Dhar Braxton
72. Jam the Box - "Pretty Tony" Butler
73. Touch Me (All Night Long) - Wish feat. Fonda Rae
74. Yo No Se - Pajama Party
75. You Don't Have to Worry - Rhythmcentric
76. I Can't Live Without You - Angelique
77. Show Me How You Love Me - Elissa
78. Then Came You - T.P.E. feat. Denine
79. Forever Amo'r - D'Zyre
80. Treasure of My Heart - SF Spanish Fly
81. Can't We Try - Rockell feat. Collage
82. Love Letter - Giggles
83. Sidewalk Talk - Jellybean feat. Madonna
84. If You Should Ever Be Lonely - Val Young
85. Baby Love - Regina
86. On the Upside - Xena
87. Summer Girls - Dino
88. & More - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
89. Honey to a Bee - Tina B.
90. Arabian Knights - Latin Rascals
91. Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right) - Denise Lopez
92. Who's Got Your Love? - Nyasia
93. Bleeding Heart - Bardeux
94. Stay in Love - Kromozone Project feat. Mon A Q.
95. Real Love - Lil' Johanna
96. Why Do You Treat Me Badly? - Leticia
97. Passion - K5 feat. Tammy Wright
98. Never Gonna Let You Go - Tamara
99. Endless Night - Cynthia
100. Highways of Love - Johnny O.

Top 10 Freestyle Ballads
1. Seasons Change

2. Because I Love You
(The Postman Song)
-Stevie B.

3. All Cried Out
-Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam
with Full Force

4. Baby, I Love Your Way
/Freebird Medley (Free Bird)
-Will To Power.

5. Wishing On a Star*
-The Cover Girls

6. I Still Believe
-Brenda K. Starr

7. Lost in Emotion
-Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam

8. One More Try
-Timmy T.

9. If Wishes Came True
-Sweet Sensation

10. Thinking of You

*denotes pop ballad

Top 10 Pre-Shannon/Proto Freestyle Songs
1. Planet Rock
-Afrika Bambaataa and
The Soul Sonic Force (1982)

2. I.O.U. (And Sometimes Y)
-Freeez feat. John Rocca (1983)

3. Play at Your Own Risk
-Planet Patrol (1982)

4. One More Shot
-C-Bank feat. Jenny Burton (1982)

5. Situation
-Yaz (Yazoo) (1982)

6. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
-Dominatrix (1983)

7. Get Wet
-C-Bank feat. Jenny Burton (1983)

8. Din Daa Daa (Der Trommeltanz)
-George Kranz (1983)

9. Pop Goes My Love
-Freeez feat. John Rocca (1983)

10. Don't Go
-Yaz (Yazoo) (1982)

*several songs considered freestyle music
Top 5 Freestyle Raps
1. Wiggle It
-2 in a Room

2. Try Yazz (Esta Locha)
-Two without Hats

3. I Need You
-B.V.S.M.P. feat. Stevie B.

4. Boriqua Posse
-Rare Arts

5. Latin Active
-A Lighter Shade of Brown

Top 5 Electro Influences
1. Planet Rock
-Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

2. Jam On It

3. Set It Off
4. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
5. White Lines (Don t Do It)
-Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel

Top 5 Non-Freestyle Artist Crossovers
1. Crash Goes Love
-Loleatta Holloway
2. Name of the Game
-Dan Hartman

3. Only In My Dreams (remix)
-Debbie Gibson
4. Touch Me (remix)
-Samantha Fox
5. Naughty Girls (Need Love To)
-Samantha Fox
Bubbling Under: In Love With Love (remix)
-Debbie Harry

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Honerable Mentions
What's On Your Mind? (Pure Energy) - Information Society
When's It Gonna End? - Ashley
I'm Gonna Luv U - Summer Junkies
Jam on It - Newcleus
Because I Love You (The Postman Song) - Stevie B.
Set it Off - Strafe
All Night Passion - Alisha
Hooked on You - Sweet Sensation
All Night - Trinere
All Cried Out - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam with Full Force
One More Try - Timmy T.
Point of No Return - Nu Shooz
Touch Me - Samantha Fox
Only In My Dreams - Debbie Gibson
Thinking of You - Sa-Fire
I Still Believe - Brenda K. Starr
In My Eyes - Stevie B.
Take a Chance - Nuance feat. Vikki Love
Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley (Free Bird) - Will To Power
Release Yourself - Aleem feat. LeRoy Burgess
Dancing Under a Latin Moon - Candi
My Heart Gets All the Breaks - Monet
Dance with Me - Concept of One feat. Tony Moran
They're Playing Our Song - Trinere
Wiggle It - 2 in a Room
Let Me Love You for Tonight - Kariya
Name of the Game - Dan Hartman
In Love with Love (remix) - Debbie Harry
Como Tu Te Llama (What¹s Your Name?) - Sly Fox
Crash Goes Love - Loleatta Holloway
Leave It All Behind - Tolga
No Reason to Cry - Judy Torres
Out of Control - Corina
(Goodbye Baby) Victim of Love - Sweet Sensation
Because of You - The Cover Girls
Like a Child (At Play) - Noel
Latin Love - Trilogy
You're the One - Sandee
How Can We Be Wrong? - Trinere
Lost in Emotion - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
Scars of Love - T.K.A.
Tears May Fall - T.K.A.
Why Ya Wanna Go? - Fascination
Last Chance - Cyre
No More, No More - L.A. Girls
Red Hot - Trilogy
First True Love - Tiana
In Paradise - Laissez Faire
I'm Over You - Sequal
Funk Boutique - The Cover Girls
Try Yazz (Esa Loca) - Two Without Hats
I Want You - Shana
Let the Beat Hit 'Em - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
8 Arms to Hold You (Near My Heart) - The Goon Squad
Come Get My Love - T.K.A.
Surrender (Your Love) - Clear Touch
Wondering - Tonasia
Baby Don't Go - FFWD
Why Did You Do It? - Exo
Open Up Your Heart - Raiana Paige
Listen to My Cries - Body & Style
Playgirl - Babie & Keyes
Without You - George Lamond
Girl, You Hear Me Crying? - N.V.
Pickin' Up Pieces (Of My Heart) - Brenda K. Starr
If This Ain't Love - Jay Novelle
Love Me Tonight - Cynthia
I Need You - B.V.S.M.P. feat. Stevie B.
Broken Promises - Joey Kidd
Touch Me with Your Heart - Eileen Flores
Only in the Night - Voice in Fashion
What Will I Do? - Timmy T.
Forbidden Lover - 1st Impression
Tender Heart - Leather & Lace
My Heart's Divided - Shannon
On the Loose - Jasmin
There's a Party Goin' On - Yvonne
Mirage - Jellybean feat. India
I Like It - Dino
This is the Last Time - Laura Enea
Love Child - Sweet Sensation
Seasons Change - Exposé
When I Dream About You - Stevie B.
You're the One for Me - April
Did it Feel Like Love? (Miami remix) - Genuine Parts
I Burn - Marshall "Rock" Jones
Memories of You - London Exchange
Be Mine Tonight - Promise Circle
Dreamin' - Will To Power
Boriqua Posse - Rare Arts
You - The Rios Sisters
Security (Midnight mix) - The Beat Club
Since I Fell for You - Apollonia
Praying for an Angel - Rochelle
Memories (Carlos Berrios remix) - Jacqui Cenci
So in Love with You - Tribe
One Last Kiss - Julie
Misery - Daize
I See Stars - Robin Fox
I Do Both Jay and Jane - La Rissa
Died in Your Arms Tonight - Intonation feat. Joee
Until Tomorrow - Adriana
All Broken Hearted - Alexia Phillips
You Were Meant for Me - Synthia Figueroa
Don't Let Me Go - Stefanie Bennett
You Are the One - Count to Twenty
Naughty Girls (Need Love To) - Samantha Fox
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - P.S.O.
Vissions - SF Spanish Fly
Perfect - C-Bank feat. Geminis
He's My Baby Now - Lisette Melendez
Who Found Who? - Jellybean feat. Elisa Fiorillo
Be Gentle with My Heart - Natasha
Roses Are Red - Maribell
I Can't Face the Facts - Gina Go-Go
He's All I Want for Christmas - Lil Suzy

Shannon - Let The Music Play

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