100 Greatest Curtis Mayfield Songs

Criteria: These Curtis Mayfield songs were selected and ranked based on their influence and importance in rock 'n' roll, initial popularity, lasting popularity, and impact on the music world. These are songs Curtis Mayfield himself wrote but including both his work with the Impressions and as a solo artist, BUT does not include Impressions stuff he wasn't involved in writing (early on when Jerry Butler led them, or after Curtis left for a solo career).
Curtis Mayfield Songs
* = with The Impressions
1. People Get Ready*
2. Superfly
3. It's All Right*
4. Move On Up
5. Gypsy Woman*
6. I've Been Trying*
7. Pusherman
8. Mighty Mighty, Spade And Whitey*
9. Freddie's Dead
10. This Is My Country*
11. Choice Of Colors*
12. (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go
13. Keep On Pushing*
14. Little Child Running Wild
15. Kung Fu
16. Power To The People
17. Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here
18. We're A Winner*
19. Woman's Got Soul*
20. Future Shock
21. Meeting Over Yonder*
22. Billy Jack
23. Get Down
24. Check Out Your Mind*
25. Fool For You*
26. I'm The One Who Loves You*
27. Give Me Your Love
28. Beautiful Brother Of Mine
29. I'm So Proud*
30. You Must Believe Me*
31. Talking About My Baby*
32. Keep On Trippin'
33. Since I Lost The One I Love*
34. Ain't No Love Lost
35. Never Too Much Love*
36. Amen*
37. Here But I'm Gone
38. I Gotta Keep On Movin'*
39. Astounded (Bran Van 3000 ft. Curtis Mayfield)
40. Something To Believe In
41. Man Oh Man*
42. We Got To Have Peace
43. No Thing On Me
44. Right On For The Darkness
45. Too Slow*
46. Miss Black America
47. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
48. Only You Babe
49. Wherever You Leadeth Me*
50. Sad, Sad Girl And Boy *
51. If I Were A Child Again
52. Love Me (Right In The Pocket)
53. We're Rollin' On*
54. You've Been Cheatin'*
55. So In Love
56. Keep On Keeping On
57. Ridin' High*
58. All Night Long
59. Right On Time*
60. Back To The World
61. As Long As You Love Me*
62. Underground
63. Sweet Exorcist
64. My Woman's Love*
65. You Are, You Are
66. Little Young Lover*
67. I Plan To Stay A Believer
68. Eddie You Should Know Better
69. I Loved And I Lost*
70. Love To The People
71. The Young Mod's Forgotten Story*
72. Just Want To Be With You
73. Grow Closer Together*
74. Mother's Son
75. Jealous Man*
76. Minstrel & Queen*
77. New World Order
78. They Don't Know*
79. Never Say You Can't Survive
80. Short Eyes
81. Dedicate My Song To You*
82. Hard Times
83. Sometimes I Wonder*
84. Can't Say Nothing
85. She Don't Let Nobody (But Me)
86. Blue Monday People
87. Wild And Free
88. Senorita, I Love You*
89. No One Else*
90. I'm Loving Nothing*
91. Can Not Find A Way
92. Turn On To Me*
93. He's A Fly Guy
94. I've Found That I've Lost*
95. Toot An' Toot An' Toot
96. In My Arms Again
97. Between You Baby And Me (with Linda Clifford)
98. Long Long Winter*
99. You're Really Something Sadie*
100. Back To Livin' Again

1. Rainbow
Gene Chandler
2. Let's Do It Again
The Staple Singers
3. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
Major Lance
4. Mama Didn't Lie
Jan Bradley
5. On And On
Gladys Knight & The Pips
6. He Will Break Your Heart
Jerry Butler
7. Something He Can Feel
Aretha Franklin
8. Man's Temptation
Gene Chandler
9. Girls Are Out To Get You
The Fascinations
10. The Monkey Time
Major Lance
11. Hard Times
Baby Huey
12. Just Be True
Gene Chandler
13. I Can't Work No Longer
Billy Butler & The Chanters
14. We Must Be In Love
The Five Stairsteps
15. Need To Belong
Jerry Butler
16. You Are, You Are
Linda Clifford
17. Rhythm
Major Lance
18. You Can't Hurt Me No More
The Opals
19. (Gonna Be) Good Times
Gene Chandler
20. Jump
Aretha Franklin
21. Hey Little Girl
Major Lance
22. Think Nothing About It
Gene Chandler
23. I'm A Telling You
Jerry Butler
24. Danger! She's A Stranger
The Five Stairsteps
25. Nothing Can Stop Me
Gene Chandler
26. Mr. Welfare Man
Gladys Knight & The Pips
27. New Orleans
The Staple Singers
28. Make Me Believe In You
Patti Jo
29. Sometimes I Wonder
Major Lance
30. I Thank You
Donny Hathaway & June Conquest
31. A Piece Of The Action
Mavis Staples
32. Patty Cake
The Artistics
33. Gotta Get Away
Billy Butler & The Enchanters
34. What Now?
Gene Chandler
35. Don't Change Your Love
The Five Stairsteps
36. It's All Over
Walter Jackson
37. Look Into Your Heart
Aretha Franklin
38. I'm Still Waiting
Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles
39. Our Love Goes On And On
The Impressions
40. Hold Me Close
Linda Clifford
41. Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
The Staple Singers
42. Baby Make Me Feel So Good
The Five Stairsteps
43. Ain't No Love Lost
Patti Jo
44. Find Another Girl
Jerry Butler
45. Stone Junkie
Ruby Jones
46. Just Another Dance
Marlina Mars
47. Mama Didn't Know
Major Lance
48. Who Will Do Your Running Now
Marvin Smith
49. Say It Isn't So
The Fascinations
50. This Is The End
Love's Children

1. I've Been Trying
The Heptones
2. Giving Him Something He Can Feel
En Vogue
3. One Love/People Get Ready
Bob Marley
4. I'm So Proud
The Isley Brothers
5. Gypsy Woman
Brian Hyland
6. Look Into Your Heart
Whitney Houston
7. Keep On Moving
Bob Marley & The Wailers
8. People Get Ready
Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck
9. Dedicate My Song To You
The Jamaicans
10. The Makings Of You
Angie Stone
11. Mighty Mighty Children
Baby Huey
12. It's Alright
Huey Lewis & The News
13. Gypsy Woman
The Isley Brothers & Carlos Santana
14. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)
Tony Orlando & Dawn
15. You Must Believe Me
Don Covay
16. Closer Together
Slim Smith
17. Check Out Your Mind
Don Julian & The Larks
18. Move On Up
The Jam
19. Give Me Your Love
Barbara Mason
20. Make Me Believe In You
Melba Moore
21. Rhythm
The Impressions
22. Move On Up/Up, Up, Up
23. Long Long Winter
Bob Marley
24. Pusherman
Young Holt Unlimited
25. Man's Temptation
Michael Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Stephen Stills

En Vogue

1. Touch The Sky
Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco (Move On Up)
2. American Gangster
Jay-Z (Short Eyes)
3. Egg Man
Beastie Boys (Superfly)
4. I'm Your Pusher
Ice. T (Pusherman)
5. Niggaz 4 Life
N.W.A (Don't Worry If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go)

List Begun: 2019-12-01